Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pride and Prejudice


Pride and prejudice is a humorous story of love and life among English nobility during the Georgian era. The classic tale of love and valves unfolds in the class-conscious England of the late 18th century. Mr. Bennet is an English gentleman living in Hartford sire with his overbearing wife. The Bennet five daughters (beautiful Jane, the clever Elizabeth, the bookish Mary, the immature Kitty and the wild Lydia) have been raised by their mother, with one propose in life: fiding a husband .Unfortunately for the Bennets, if Mr. Bennet dies their house will be inherited by a distant cousin whom they have never met, so the family’s future happiness and security is dependant on the daughters making good marriages. Life is uneventful until the arrival in the neighbour hood of the rich gentleman Mr. Bingley, who rents a large house so he can spend the summer in the country. Mr. Bingley brings with him his sister and the dashing and richer but proud Mr. Darcy: Love is soon in the air for one of the Bennet sisters, while another may have jumped to a hasty prejudgment. For the Bennet sisters many trials and tribulations stand between them and their happiness, including class, gossip and scandal.


I didn’t like this story very much because it has a lot of different characters. I lost the line of the lecture several time s probably it can be also because it has new vocabulary that I had to look up in the dictionary. This book is very long and it’s more difficult than the books I usually read. It’s a romantic story and I don’t like these types of stories, I like action books. In addiction I wouldn’t recommend it.



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