Thursday, May 11, 2006

pride and prejudice


The book is called “Pride and Prejudice” and it’s by Jane Austen. It’s a romantic novel.

The story is set in England in the XVIII century. Mr and Mrs Bennet have five daughters and they want a good marriage to ensure the future of all the girls. One day they receive the news that a young and rich man (Mr Bingley), is going to move to the next house (Netherfield Hall). Mr Bingley arrives with his sisters and his friend Mr Darcy. In the first ball, Mr Bingley dances with Jane one of Mr Bennet daughters but Mr Darcy turns Elizabeth down and she hears the insult.
Mr Bingley and Jane fall in love together. Darcy begins to admire Lizzy but she begins to have a bad impression of him.
The military men arrive to the neighbourhood. Lizzy meets Mr Wickham, one of the soldiers and he tells her that he knows Mr Darcy and that he was very unfair to him. The Bennet family receives the visit of Mr Collins, a relative, who is going to inherit the house and the one who offers to marry one of the girls. Jane and Elizabeth turn him down so Charlotte Lucas (Lizzy’s friend), accepts to marry him.
Some weeks later, Elizabeth visits Mr Collins and his wife. They present the girl to Lady Catherine de Bourg who is Mr Darcy’s aunt. Mr Darcy tells the girl that he loves her bur she refuses the offer and she accuses him of saddening his sister and of the bad life of Mr Wickham. Then he sends a letter to her explaining all the things and she starts to think differently about the man.
After the problems that he solves to the family Bennet in secret, she realizes that she loves him. Darcy and Bingley come back to the neighbourhood so Elizabeth and Jane begin to have hope.

I think that it is a good romantic novel. With it we can observe the type of life that the women have in this time and that their lives consisted of looking for a good husband who ensures their future.

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Ana González de Herrero Otero


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