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Fanny was the eldest daughter from a poor family with 9 children. Her parents didn’t have enough money to bring up all the family although Mss Price’s sisters helped her sending money to buy clothes and food. In this way Fanny went to Mansfield Park to live with her uncles, who were very wealthy and lived in a luxurious villa. At first, the girl was very timid and unhappy because she missed the home. Months passed and Fanny started being happy in the new home because Edmund gave her cousin a piece of advice, encouragement and consolation in order to help her. Fanny fell in love with Edmund but he was always with Mary, a lady from a well-known family. At a party, Fanny danced with Henry, Mary’s brother, who asked her to marry him but she refused politely because Edmund was the only person in the world that Fanny loved enough to marry; so she was jealous of Edmund’s friendship with Mary. Henry tried several times to marry Fanny but she never agreed.
One day, Fanny went to Portsmounth, where her real parents lived, because she wanted see them because they had been far from her for a long time. When she was there, the Bestrams, her uncles and cousins, had a lot of problems: one of their sons had an accident and Maria had split up with her husband and was going to marry Henry. Fanny went back to Mansfield Park to help her uncles. Finally, Fanny married Edmund.

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