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The book is called “Fall from Innocence: The body. It is written by Stephen King.
I think it is a mystery book because there is a dead man and nobody knows why he is dead.


His name was Gordie. He was twelve years old when he saw a dead person. He has a gang, Teddy, Chris, Vern Tessio were his friends. Teddy´s father mistreated him but on the other hand, Teddy was proud of his father and he always visited him in a hospital where there were mad people from the war.
One day Vern came to the tree house and said that Ray Brower, a child who was the same age as them, was dead. They decided to find the body and they said to their parents they were camping in Vern´s field. Gordie said it to his parents, but they rarely listened to him because they only loved his brother, Denny who was dead. They started to walk. Chris took a gun because, maybe, they would have to use it. Chris was the bravest and the strongest child. They climbed so they were sweating a lot. After that they realized that they had forgotten the food. They saw how much money they had to buy cokes and some humbergers. They continued walking till Milo saw them. Milo started to say that he would tell their parents what they were doing, buy they went out of there while he was screaming. Then, the sat beside the trees and they drank and smoked like old people.
Suddenly, they heard a noise that seemed like a woman´s voice. Then silence started again. After that, Gordie found a deer on the tracks. But he said nothing about that to his friends.
Many hours later, they started to walk again and they thought they were closer to the body. But they weren´t as close as they thought. They had to walk for ten miles. Is started to rain heavily. However, after that the day changed. They went on walking in pairs along the tracks. While they were walking, they found a white hand beside a lot of bushes. They didn´t know where the rest of Ray Brower was, then they found the body between the tracks. His hair was dark red, he was wearing a green T- shirt and blue jeans. Gordie realized that, that man wasn´t going to get up anymore. The shoes were so far from him and they didn´t know why. Billy, Vern´s oldest brother, Charlie, the hardest guy in town, and Ace met the four children and they told them to leave. They were going to take the dead man. Maybe these three guys could hurt these children. Chris had a gun and they didn´t know who would report the finding of the dead man. Chris said to them that they had to get back into their cars. Finally they went back. Nobody wanted to take the body. Chris finally started to cry, they never had seen his crying. They were sitting when Teddy said he wanted to take the man. Chis said no and he said that they were going to walk fast back to the bridge. They started to walk without saying anything. Finally they were in front of their tree house. Chris told Gordie that he was sure that Teddy and Vern were going to tell everything.
At last, Ace called the police and told them where the body was. The last day of the month, Ace and Fuzzy hit Gordie and Teddy many times and they gave them a large number of injuries. Teddy and Gordie drifted away and they discovered a new gang where people do what they said.

At the end of the book it is written:
Vern was killen in a fire that destroyed a house.
Teddy´s car crashed into a tree and he died.
Chris went to university to study law, but in his restaurant he got a knife and he was killed.
Gordie is a writer.


I don´t like the book so much because the story is boring and predictable. At the beginning I didn´t understand the story and there were a lot of new expressions and words. In the middle of the book I was sometimes lost, I think that Stephen King is a little bit hard to read. However I really enjoyed the end, because although it is short, it is easily to understand and surprising.


get ashamed of: estar avergonzado de
clues: pistas
hail: granizo
pussies: mínimos
roof: techo
dump: basurero
rusty: oxidado
subset: atardecer
scratching: rayando
in spite of: a pesar de
misunderstood: entendí mal
back in those days: allá en esos días
lumps: bultos
oven: horno
held: sostener
fetch: recoger
roughly: accidentalmente
gang: pandilla
dare: desafiar
sweat: sudar
picking up: recoger
mood: humor
burnst into: irrumpir en
bucket: cubo
sooner: pronto
steadily: constantemente
grin: sonreír
garbage: basurera
blanket: manta
alley: callejón
rotten: podrido
I bet nobody: apuesto a que nadie.
Worm: gusanos
Scarcely: a penas
Leap: saltar
Dust: polvo
Edge: borde
Remarks: comentarios.



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