Thursday, May 11, 2006

The book is called “The creative impulse and other stories”. It is by W.Somerset Maugham.
This book talks about three different stories.
The first one is quite romantic quite it talks about success.
The second story is mysterious and funny.
The last one is romantic and it´s about the differences between different ages.

“The creative impulse”
Mrs Albert Forrester´s was 57 years old. She had written some books without success, but when she wrote her best book which talked about a detective story, she became a great writer.
Every Tuesday afternoon, people came to her house to talk about books. Moreover, the had a cup of tea and she gave them some pieces of advices. Her husband was always with her, but he wasn´t happy.
At first he talked to his wife´s friends but after few minutes he was bored and uninterested, so he went out with their cook, Mrs Bulfinch because they were I love and they were very happy together.
When his wife realised it she didn´t believe it so she decided to go where her husband was to ask him why he did that, and then he explained everything to her.
Finally she understood that her husband needed to be with Mrs Bulfich. She was a little bit unhappy, nevertheless they were the ones who gave her the good idea for writing a different new book, “Achilles Statue” a book that talked about a detective story.

W.Somerset Maugham had been travelling in China but he returned to London where he was invited by his friend, Mrs Tower. When he was at her house, she introduced him to her sister-in law, Jane who was widow and she will get married soon.
One day, Jane introduced them to her boyfriend, Gilbert who was much younger than her,, so her sister-in law was angry. She didn’t understand what Jane was doing because Gilbert only wanted her for her money, but finally it wasn´t true.
When they go married, they spent their honeymoon in Paris. There Gilbert persuaded Jane to buy new clothes and to her hair cut, so she would look unique.
After few months they came back to London and Jane announced that they would separate because Jane had found another person who was the same age as her more or less.
Gilbert was in love but he wanted to see his glad wife.
Jane had success because she always told the truth, so she was wonderful and funny person.

“The round dozen”
W.Somerset Maugham was sick, so he decided to spend a few at Elsom, a small seaside town.
In Elsom he met a family which was at the same hostel as him, so he was really interested in this family, an old gentleman and two ladies, her wife and her niece.
Their niece was really beautiful but he realised that she was quite old and she was wearing old-fashioned clothes.
He understood that when he old lady´s uncle explained to him that er niece had been abandoned by her husband so she wore those clothes.
In the afternoon he usually walked along the seafront and he met Mortimer Ellis, a well-known bigamist. He had had eleven wives, but he didn´t like this number, e would have liked the Round Dozen.
One day6 Maugham saw how the old lady and Mortimer Ellis talked and he thought about hat they had been talking about the previous day.
Later on he came back to the hostel and here he med old lady´s uncle and his wife who was crying, her niece had escaped.
In this moment W.Somerset Maugham realised that Mortimer Ellis had made the Round Dozen.

I liked reading this book so much because it was about three different stories so I wasn´t boring.
The story I liked most was the second because it was very interesting and amazing.
Furthermore I learned a lot of new words and some expressions. Moreover, this book is quite easy and I recommend it.

Praise: elogiar
Dozen: docena
Essays: ensayos
Encouragement: aliento
Taking part in: tomando parte en
Guest: invitados
Envy: envidia
Enable: permitir
To hold: mantener
Thick: espesas
Poure out: server
Clearing away: quitando
Frowned: frunció el ceño
Maid: criada
Dreadful: espantoso
Tray: bandeja
Elope: fugarse con un amante
Gasps of dismay: gritos de desánimo
Stuffing somethin into the mouth: meterse algo en la boca
Howl: alarido
Dropped: dejo caer
Pick up: recoger
Anger: enfado
Spread: propagar
Trust: confiar
Beg: suplicar
Slippers: zapatillas
Shabby: desgastado
Solicitor: abogado
Take up: empezar a hacer algo
Caín: cadena
Narrow: estrecha
Whenever: cada vez que
Seafront: paseo maritimo
Fortnight: quincena
Remark: comentario
Reply: contestar
Lounge: salón
Odd: raro
Speechless: sin habla
Prof: prueba
Wisely: prudentemente
Knit: tejer
Gown: vestido
Bald: clavo
Be able to afford something: poder permitirse algo
Dressmarker: modisto
Sharp: acida
Burst into tears: echarse a llorar
Politeness: educacion
Rascal: picaro
Wave: saludar con la mano
Eyeglass: montura
Host: anfitrion
Hostness: anfitriona
Instead: en lugar de
Curls: rizos
Nearby: cerca
Admiral: almirante



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