Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Body

The book it’s called “The Body” and it was written by Stephen King. It’s a drama book.

It’s the story of four friends, Gordie Lachance, Chris Chambers, Teddy Duchamp, and Vern Tessio. The narrator is Gordie when he became an adult. They have difficult lives, and they trust one another.
One evening, while they are listening to the radio on their tree house, the hear the notice of Ray Brower, a boy from the city, who has disappeared and everybody thinks he’s dead because of a train, which probably hit him in the forest. They have heard the story before, from older boys, so they decide to go and find his body before other people.
They tell their parents that they are going to camp in one of them’s house all night, and in the morning, they start walking following their adventure.
They start their walk following the tracks and then, they decide who was going to buy the food. Then, they have to cross a bridge, a train bridge, before the train appears, because they might be hit by it. So they cross it one by one. But while the two last boys were crossing, the train appeared and they had to run as fast as they could.
When it was getting dark they decide to camp to pass the night. They had to stay awake in turns to keep guard because in the middle of the night they started to hear noises which scared them. While Gordie was doing his turn, the sun started to rise, so he went for a walk. He sat on a railway and suddenly, a deer appeared by him. He felt scared, but the deer didn’t do anything, she only passed away. Then, they all woke up and kept walking.
The day was really hot, and finally they found water, so they dived in. when they came out, the noticed their bodies were full of leeches, and they started to take them off madly.
They kept walking and the sky became full of grey clouds and a storm came over them. That was when they found the body of Ray Brower, and the older boys arrived on their cars. One of them was Ace Merrill, Chris’s brother. Teddy and Vern ran away. Gordie was ready to fight when Chris used a gun, which he had taken from his father. So the other boys ran to their car back to the city. Then Gordie and Chris met Vern and Teddy and asked them why they had run when they needed them. Finally they decided to return to the village without taking Brower’s body, because, the older boys will probably tell the police the story and they would be in big trouble.

I really like the story because it’s very interesting and you can’t leave it till you finish reading it. It’s a very good story and it tells how did the boys grow after they found the body.

New expressions:
Bet: apuesta
Dull: embotado
Boggy: pantanoso
Eager: impaciente
Bullet: bala
Grin: mueca
Spun: hecho girar
Leap: salto

Maite Y. Martínez Crespo


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