Thursday, December 15, 2005


It is a thriller film. It takes place in England in 1945. It is directed by Alejandro Amenabar. The main actress is Nicole Kidman and the supporting actor is Christopher Ecclestone and the supporting actress is Fionnula Flanagan.
The film is about a woman, Grace, who lives with her two children in a lonely and big house. She waits for her husband who was fighting in the Second World War. The children suffer an strange ilness and they have to live in a complete darkness. Their lives are based in an strict and orderly way of life but things will change soon in a way which they don't expect. They will see that sometimes the dead's world mixes with the living's world.
I think it is a brilliant film.
I believe that the screenplay is great and the plot is gripping because it takes your attention from the first moment.
It is very exciting because you don't know what would happen at the end and also the end is unexpected.
I think the cast is very appropiate and the main actress, Nicole Kidman is brilliant.
I believe that the soundtrack made by the director is great.

María Suárez Díaz


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