Thursday, December 15, 2005


It is a romantic film. I t takes place in Paris in 2001. I t is directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The main caracters are Audrey Taotou who is Amelie and Mathieu Kassouitz Who is Nino. The soundtrack is by Yann Tiensen.
This film is about the life of Amelie Poulain. Her mother died when she was young and after some years, when she is 22 she moves to Montmatre and works in a bar. One day she finds a little box with toys from a child who lived in her flat a lot of years before. In this moment she decides to give back the box and help the people. When she is taking the underground she sees a man called Nino who works in a sexshop and his hobbie is to take the photos that the people donĀ“t want, and with them he makes an album. He loses the albun and Amelie finds it. To return it back to Nino she invents a lot of situations and they finally fall in love.
I like this film becouse it is diferen from all the other, is not the tipical romantic film. I have seen it about 9 times and like it more each time I see it. The plot is very interesting and the soundtrack is incredible. With Amelie you can live in her wonderful world. I would recoment other films from Jean-Pierre Jeunet like "Long Saturday of Love" "largo Domingo de Noviazgo" I like it a lot too.


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